Quality Policy

Customers and interested parties

The quality of our products and services is determined by our customers. Interested parties are expanding the demands on our company’s products and services. Meeting these expectations is our top priority.

Corporate Responsibility

When developing and manufacturing its products, the Vaillant Group is committed to using resources responsibly and safeguarding the environment. The principles of the UN Global Compact are adhered to and implemented.


The aspects of sustainability are an important component of quality policy, through which we ensure the long-term loyalty of our customers with high-quality products and services.

Quality responsibility

Quality is the task and goal of every employee. Executives are role models for their employees. They are responsible for appropriate processes which secure the policy and strategy of the company, promote this riskoriented thinking and develop the management system continuously.

Continuous improvement

The existing processes are measured continuously and developed by the application of Six Sigma methods to generate profitable growth. Quality aspects are integrated into all important business processes to ensure and fulfil the high quality requirements.


Our employees are qualified to carry out their tasks. They work effectively, efficiently and responsibly according to the safety standards in our company. Our activities will be guided by our four common values of entrepreneurship, trust, integrity and passion.