2010-Establishment of Solar Factory

2009-Establishment of OPF lines at the air conditioner factory and initiation of production

2008-Transfer of management headquarters of Türk DemirDöküm Fabrikaları A.Ş. from İnegöl to İstanbul Çengelköy on 7 February 2008

2007-German Vaillant Company takes over DemirDöküm

2006-Signing of cooperation agreement with German Rabien Energy Company on microgeneration products

2005-Purchasing of panel radiator production plant and Fix brand of German Schafer Company

2004-DemirDöküm's 50th anniversary celebration

2003-Establishment of DD Heating Ltd. Company at Bedford, England

2002-Signing of strategic coalition agreement with American YORK on System Air Conditioner

2001-Establishment of Panel A.Ş.

2000-Initiation of restructuring operations, shifting to 10 year warranty for panel radiators

1999-Transfer of the management headquarters of Türk DemirDöküm Fab. A.Ş. to İnegöl, where one of the two production plants of the company is located, on 1

1998-Initiation of Alno kitchen production at İnegöl Plant

1997-Product development and R&D modernization investment

1996-Increasing of new type panel radiator production capacity up to 900.000 m/year

1995-Opening of sales office and depot for panel radiators in Dresden / Germany

1994-Initiation of new type panel radiator at Bozüyük new panel radiator factory

1993-New type panel radiator investment and increasing of production capacity up to 400.000 m/year

1992-Cast iron boiler production at İnegöl plant

1991-Amalgamation of Merkez Ticaret A.Ş. Sales Company with DemirDöküm

1990-Cast iron boiler technical agreement with Tasso Denmark company

1989-Restructuring of Heat Consulting Centers

1988-Official opening of İnegöl Plants on 14 July 1988

1987-Burner production agreement with Elco / Switzerland license

1986-Air pressure water tank production under Gustavberg / Sweden license

1985-Taking over Bolu Electrical storage water heater plant

1983-Shut down of oven and stove production at Silahtarağa-İstanbul plant

1982-Shut down of Hilden type cast iron radiator production

1981-Shut down of tractor gear box production

1979-Steel, panel radiator, and gas water heater production at Bozüyük Plant

1976-Shut down of bathtub production

1975-Engagement of a new cast iron band for the production of tractor gear boxes, bathtub, and sectional heating boiler

1973-Completion of the establishment of Alibeyköy - Çobançeşme / İstanbul plants

1972-Initiation of the establishment of Alibeyköy - Çobançeşme / İstanbul plants

1968-First cast iron radiator export to Jordan

1966-Initiation of butane gas heating stove and mini kitchen type oven production

1964-Shut down of enameled kitchenware production

1963-Gas water heater and LPG burner production with Junkers Germany license

1962-Sectional cast iron boiler production

1958-Initiation of Hilden type cast iron radiator and enameled kitchenware production

1956-License agreement with Deutsche Eisenwerke AG, Hilden

1955-DemirDöküm Joins Koç Group

1954-Establishment of DemirDöküm