Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for panel radiators?

High quality DemirDöküm panel radiators are the first radiators to be launched for sale with 10-year warranty in Turkey.

What is cataphoresis dye?

Cataphoresis dye is the electro coating process depending on electrochemical principles. It is a very effective method for the prevention of complex, geometric parts with conductive characteristic from corrosion by being dyed. Cataphoresis primer technology, which was used by DemirDöküm for the first time in Turkey in radiator production, is particularly applied in automotive and white appliances sectors.

What is the difference of panel radiator from other radiators?

There are many types according to the material used in radiators. Such as cast iron radiator, aluminum radiator, and steel radiator. However, panel radiators are more commonly preferred in comparison to other radiators for advantages such as aesthetic outlook, high thermal power, easy assembly, availability of floor assembly, and high rate of cost/life proportion.

What is the difference of Panel Plus radiator from other radiators?

Heat transfer is realized by the sheet iron named convector and weld to the water channels in panel radiators. DemirDöküm PanelPlus Radiators are the panel radiators with the highest thermal power in Turkey thanks to their 25 mm pitch. DemirDöküm panel radiators are coated with Zinc Phosphate and Cataphoresis dye. Their corrosion resistance is 2-4 times higher in comparison to the radiators, in which wet dye + iron phosphate is used.

What is the thermal power and characteristics of panel radiators?

DemirDöküm panel radiators are the panel radiators with the highest thermal power in Turkey. Thermal power of 22 type 600/1000 Panel Plus Radiator is 2300 watt according to TS EN 442 product standards, at 90ºC input water, 70ºC output water, and 20ºC room temperature.

From which material panel radiator is produced from?

Panel radiators are produced from cold rolled sheet iron material suitable for extraction. DemirDöküm panel radiators are then coated with zinc, phosphate, and cataphoresis dye.

Is purge valve provided with your radiators?

You can obtain purger valve from the dealers upon your demand.

How can I deflate the radiators?

After your radiator is connected to the installation and started up, air may form in your radiator. In this case, radiator would not heat and work efficiently. In order to deflate your radiator, rotate the plastic in purger cap by hand and locate the hole downward. As water will be discharged from purger hole, do not forget to place a bucket under the hole. Loosen purger screw with a flat tip screwdriver. In this case, air will start to be discharged from purger hole. When water starts to be discharged from purger hole, it means that your radiator is deflated. Tighten purger cap by rotating in the opposite direction with a flat tip screwdriver.

What are the amounts of test pressure and operating pressure in DemirDöküm radiators?

In DemirDöküm radiators, test pressure is 13 bars, and operating pressure is 10 bars

What are the advantages of using thermostatic valve in panel radiators?

Thermostatic radiator valve enables the adjustment of the room temperature to a desired level thanks to the thermostat located on the valve in panel radiators. Demirdöküm thermostatic radiator valves can be adjusted to 5 different levels between 8-28°C. When room temperature reaches the desired level, thermostat shuts down the valve. Thus, excessive energy consumption is prevented and energy saving is provided up to 30%.