Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the sound level while air conditioner is operating?

Air conditioners operate at a certain sound level due to the circulation fan located in interior unit and the compressor located at the exterior unit. DemirDöküm air conditioners provide comfort air conditioning with low sound level.

  • What are the capacities of air conditioners?

DemirDöküm has a wide product range with 9,000 - 12,000 - 18,000 - 24,000 BTU/h capacities in wall hung split air conditioners, and 45,000 - 48,000 BTU/h capacities in system air conditioners.

  • Between which temperature range air conditioners can operate?

Use of DemirDöküm air conditioners with heat pump feature is suggested in geographical regions where the lowest average temperature is between +5 and +45 ºC. Under the temperatures below this value, air conditioners with inverter (see What is inverter technology) function must be used.

  • What are the most optimum ambient conditions in terms of human health?

As a result of the research carried out, it has been determined that optimum interior ambient conditions are at 22-27ºC temperature and 40% humidity. It must be considered that optimum interior ambient air can vary according to spatial properties (bedroom, living room etc.).

  • How should air conditioners be cleaned and maintained?

Air conditioners should be cleaned by the authorized services.

  • What is warranty period? Under which circumstances the air conditioner would be excluded from the scope of warranty?

Warranty period for air conditioners start as of the date of first operation. There is a 3-year warranty period for our air conditioners for the exterior and interior units (to be valid in 2011).

The scope of warranty regarding the products cover the damages of the material used except being affected by any external impact, terms other than this have been stated in detail in user’s manual.