“Superbrands International”, an independent brand evaluation company carrying out activities in 48 countries in the world, was established in England in 1990 in order to reveal the importance of branding.

As a result of the research named “Super Brands-Superbrands” carried out by the Superbrands Organization, most appreciated and successful brands in every country are selected and these brands become members of superbrands. As a result of the research carried out in Turkey in 2005, Demirdöküm was selected as one of the Super brands of Turkey by the selection committee. DemirDöküm, the only Turkish brand holding the Superbrand certificate in its own sector, has added another chain to its success story by taking place in “Super Brands-Superbrands” list, where only 89 companies are listed.

In the research, where 5.000 brands in Turkey are taken into evaluation, criteria such as “customer’s trust for the brand”, “keeping its promises”, “being an expert in its field”, and “being an old and long-established company” are considered to have a top ranking.

As a result of the Superbrands research, where a jury comprised of people from advertisement sector, company administrators, academicians supporting and making great contribution to brand position, and people from media sector was present, DemirDöküm took place on the list as the only Turkish brand, celebrating its 52th anniversary, and enhanced its leadership in heating-cooling sector.