Consumer Award

Consumer Award

DemirDöküm was granted “The Company Adopting Customer Satisfaction as a Principle” award by the R.T. Ministry of Industry and Commerce, General Directorate of the Preservation of Consumer and Competition.

At the ceremony held on 20 March 1998 at Ankara Hilton Hotel, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Yalım Erez, presented the award to the General Manager of our company, Germiyan SAATÇİOĞLU.

Following the announcement of the 1st Consumer Award published on the media, DemirDöküm applied for this award as a candidate as a result of the decision taken.

DemirDöküm was granted the brass ring consumer award for adopting customer satisfaction as company policy, applying unconditional customer satisfaction and continuous service providing principles, Showrooms opened for the consumers to be able to know DemirDöküm and DemirDöküm’s products better, introducing its products by visiting its customers with product presentation caravan, and its activities assisting the customers for solving their problems, providing the customer with services such as product information and price, vendor and service phone numbers etc., and various social activities.

DemirDöküm, being granted “The Company Adopting Customer Satisfaction as a Principle” award, will carry out providing service for its customers with the same enthusiasm. Everything is for “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction.”