Panel Radiator - 33 mm

DemirDöküm Radiator

Superior Features

Warranty Period

DemirDöküm 33 mm panel radiators, produced by using iron phosphate coating and wet dye technologies, are the first radiators launched to the market for sale with 10-year warranty in Turkey.

High Operational Pressure

DemirDöküm 33 mm panel radiators, tested under 13 bars, enable high operational pressures.

400-3000 mm Range Length Choices

Length choices between the range of 400-3000 mm are provided with 33 mm panel radiators

Removable Upper Cap

Easily removed upper cap enables the radiator to be cleaned easily.

High Corrosion Resistance

DemirDöküm panel radiators have high corrosion resistance and are durable with advanced Technology, unrivalled robot welding, spot welding that provides impermeability, high dye technology, and superior quality.

Superior Quality and Guarantee

All radiators have certificates such as TSE (Turkey), BSI (England), DIN (Germany) and CE and their quality is approved by the entire World. Has LRQI 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates approval.


DemirDöküm 33 mm panel radiators are coated with Zirconium and Cataphoresis dye. Corrosion resistance is 2-4 times higher in comparison to the radiators in which wet dye+iron phosphate is used.



DD 33 mm Panel
General Properties
Pitch Distance mm33
Test Pressure bar13
Warranty10 Years
300 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) watt968
400 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) watt1.199
500 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) watt1.425
600 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) watt1.651
900 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) watt2.347
300 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) kcal/h832
400 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) kcal/h1.031
500 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) kcal/h1.226
600 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) kcal/h1.420
900 mm (75 °C - 65 °C) kcal/h2.018
Height mm300-400-500-600-900
Length ( Min. - Max.) mm400 - 3000
Depth mm105
Weight ( For 600 mm - 1 m) kg32,8
Specific Features
Water Volume lt6,8
Compact Valve OptionGet information from the authorized dealer regarding type and dimensions.
Compact Cap OptionNo
Floor-Mounting OptionYes


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