DemirDöküm Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Valve


Superior Features

Adjustment at Desired Temperature

DemirDöküm thermostatic radiator valves can be adjusted to 5 different degrees between 8-28 degrees.

Fixation Feature

Desired degree range can be adjusted easily fixed as minimum and maximum by the pins located on thermostatic head.

Easy Assembly

Thermostatic radiator valve head can easily be assembled by special click-fit system.


DemirDöküm thermostatic valves can be used for years thanks to their quality material and special design.

TS EN 215 Certificate

In accordance with the Law of Energy Efficiency and Heating Regulations, use of thermostatic radiator valves compliant to TS EN 215 is obligatory in our country. There is a “?” symbol on the valves compliant to this certificate. DemirDöküm thermostatic valves are compliant to TS EN 215.



Angle Thermostatic ValveIn-Line Thermostatic Valve
Thermostatic Valve Properties
Connection Input"1/21/2
Connection Output1/21/2
Max. Max. Operating Pressurembar1010
Max. Test Pressurembar0,60,6
Test Pressurembar1616
Max. Operating Temperature°C120120