DemirDöküm Nepto

Conventional Wall Hung Boiler

  • Chimney Type : Hermetic
  • Heat Exchanger Type : Bithermic
Wall Hung Boilers

Superior Features

Bithermic Heat Exchanger System

Instant water supply is provided by specially designed bithermic heat exchanger system.

Digital Screen and Control Panel

Installation and service water temperature values, water pressure value in installation, and error codes can be monitored thanks to digital screen.

OPF Production Technology

A single operator tracks each wall hung boiler produced along the production line. Close tracking of the products enables raising quality to a maximum level.

Compact and Modern Design

Nepto wall hung boiler provides ease in assembly and service application with modern design and compact dimensions.



HK T 224
General Properties
Device TypeConventional
Chimney TypeHermetic
Analog ManometerNo
Fuel Type Tracking on LCDNo
EMC FilterYes
Heat Exchanger TypeBithermic
Efficiency Class (92/42/EEC)2 Stars
Smart Heating SystemNo
Fan ModulationNo
Self Adaptation SystemNo
Adjustable Heating CapacityNo
Flame ModulationYes
Program TimerNo
Microfast Hot Water UnitNo
NTC Sensor StructureSingle
Economy/Comfort ModuYes
Freezing SafetyYes
Pump Blocking SafetyYes
Button TypeThumb Turn
Availability for Floor HeatingAvailable
Capacity Usage Tracking on LCDNo
Minimum Nominal Thermal PowerkW9,2
Maximum Nominal Thermal PowerkW23,5
Minimum Nominal Thermal Powerkcal/h7.912
Maximum Nominal Thermal Powerkcal/h20.210
Net Weightkg29,5
Electrical Properties
Electric feed230V-50Hz
Electrical Protection ClassIPX4D
Maximum Electrical PowerW98
Heating Features
Installation temperature adjustment range�C38-85
Expansion tank capacitylt7
Maximum installation capacity(at 75�C average water temperature)lt140
Maximum operation pressurebar3
Service Water Circuit Properties
Temperature adjustment range�C35-60
Minimum water flow ratelt/dk2,5
Specific water flow rate (at 30 �C temperature difference)lt/dk10
Minimum water pressurebar0,25
Maximum water pressurebar8
Waste Gas Properties
Waste gas output diametermm60-100
Chimney pipe length provided with the devicecm75



Alternative products

Alternative products

DemirDöküm Atron

  • Chimney Type : Hermetic
  • Heat Exchanger Type : Double
Wall Hung Boilers