DemirDöküm Multi Inverter Air Conditioner

Exterior Unit

Superior Features

Single Exterior Unit Advantage

In DemirDöküm Multi Inverter air conditioners, more than one interior units are operated with a single exterior unit. Since only one exterior unit is used in the systems, they are more silent, more energy saving, and occupies less space on your wall in comparison to 1:1 systems.

DC Inverter Technology

DemirDöküm Inverter A410 wall hung type split air conditioners with DC inverter compressor technology consumes less energy despite high heating/cooling performance with “A” energy efficiency. Consider both your comfort and wallet.

R410a Cooling Fluid

Thanks to the environment-friendly R-410a cooling fluid, DemirDöküm air conditioners do not harm the ozone layer as well as assisting more air conditioning using less energy with high power-carrying capacity.

A Class Energy Efficiency

DemirDöküm air conditioners provide low energy consumption and economic usage despite high heating/cooling performance with A class energy efficiency.


Dust particules charged with positive electricity and hanging in interior ambient air become heavier with negative ions and precipitate to the ground by the any on device emitting negative ions. This way, ambient air is cleaned off the dust.

Hot Start

When the device is switched to heating mode, blowing is not performed until interior unit evaporator reaches the desired temperature. When sufficient temperature is achieved, only hot air is blown.

Program Timer

Practical usage is provided by switching the air conditioner on and off of at the adjusted time.

Auto Restart

After power failures, air conditioner automatically restarts in the mode before the failure.

Jet Cool

The environment reaches desired comfort conditions within a very short period of time thanks to Jet Cool feature.

Anti Dust Filter

Collects the dust and particles at the environment.

Anti Bacterial Filter

Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic filter keeps the atmosphere clean and healthy.

Activated Carbon Filter

Sweeps away unwanted odors. Analyses hazardous gases and cleans ambient air.

Anti Freeze Unit

With the anti-freeze feature found in exterior unit, operates in any kind of exterior environment conditions from very low temperatures (-15°C) to very high temperatures (45°C).

Ideal Solution for Wide Areas

Provides ideal air conditioning solutions for wider areas with high heating and cooling capacity.



Multi Inverter 5,4 kWMulti Inverter 8,2 kW
General Properties
Sleep modeYesYes
Additional electrical resistanceNoNo
Auto restartYesYes
DC Inverter technologyYesYes
Cooling liquidR 410aR 410a
Activated carbon filterYesYes
Anti bacterial filterYesYes
Anti dust filterYesYes
Anti freeze unitYesYes
Follow meYesYes
Jet CoolYesYes
Hot StartYesYes
Program timerYesYes
Capacity (Cooling)kW2,27 - 6,533,41 - 9,91
Capacity (Heating)kW2,64 - 7,603,72 - 10,81
Capacity (Heating)BTU/h9.000 - 25.95012.700 - 36.900
Capacity (Cooling)BTU/h7.750 - 22.30011.650 - 33.850
Efficiency Class (Cooling)AA
Efficiency Class (Heating)AA
Dimensions (Exterior Unit)
Electrical Properties
Power Consumed (cooling)W1.6602.780
Power Consumed (heating)W1.7302.930
Operating Current (cooling)Amper7,212,1
Operating Current (heating)Amper7,512,1
Power supplyV,Hz,Ph220 - 230 V , 50 , 1220 - 230 V , 50 , 1
Sound Level
Exterior UnitdB(A)5257
Installation Information
Maximum copper pipe distancem2525
Maximum layer difference between interior-exterior unitsm1010