DemirDöküm MK-S Boiler

MK-S Series Cast Iron Böilers

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Superior Features

Compact Design

Boiler dimensions are optimum thanks to counter pressure design and products occupy less space in boiler rooms.

Three-way Transitive Smoke Gas Circulation

Thanks to the special design of combustion chamber, horizontal 3-way transition and special retardant design provides higher thermal efficiency and increases product life and efficiency of the boiler in addition to keeping the level of waste gas emissions hazardous for the environment at the lowest level.

Low Temperature Heating

Boiler influent and return water temperatures are adjusted according to varying temperature demands and system requirements, thus energy saving is provided, increasing system efficiency and product life are aimed at.

Jetstream Technology

Cold installation water returned back to the boiler is jet into the boiler. Vacuum impact created by jet system enables the hot water that is about to leave the boiler towards cold water. Hot water is mixed with cold water and boiler return water temperature is thus increased. This way, boiler operates less and fuel saving is achieved.

Flexible Casting Technology

With DemirDöküm’s superior technology, 50% more flexible casting technique provides more durable and long lasting products against thermal shocks.

Fuel Saving with Control Panels

Daily and weekly operating times can be adjusted by DemirDöküm SCP series control panels and the operation of the boilers over the required level is prevented and thus fuel saving can be achieved.

Demounted Shipping

Thanks to the demounted shipping of the boilers, transfer of boilers to boiler rooms and their assembly are performed easily, saving in terms of time and cost is achieved.



MK-S 8MK-S 9MK-S 10MK-S 11MK-S 12MK-S 13MK-S 14
General Properties
3-way transition operating principleYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Condensing operationNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Control panel coupled with the deviceOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Low temperature heatingYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cascade operation featureYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
High pressure special productionNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Thermal powerkW320785378494552611669
Thermal powerMcal/h275675325425475525575
Number of SegmentsAd816911121314
Efficiency value%92,790,9692,5992,2992,0792,7593,41
Efficiency Class2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 year2 stars2 stars
Boiler Dimensions
Base Dimensions
Combustion Chamber Dimensions
Burner Assembly Input Dimensions
DepthmmMin. 125Min. 215Min. 125Min. 125Min. 125Min. 125Min. 125
Waste Gas Information
Chimney Gas Resistancemmwg2330,12430364045
Chimney gas temperatureCelcius185185185185185185185
Chimney connection input diametermm300350300300300300300
Installation Information
Max. Operating pressurebar6666666
Boiler Water Output TemperatureCelcius30 - 9030 - 9030 - 9030 - 9030 - 9030 - 9030 - 90
Traffic connectionDN801008080808080
Water Volumelt161436179215233251269


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Alternative products

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