DemirDöküm MaxiCondense

Wall Hung Type Condensing Boilers

Central Systems

Superior Features

4-star efficiency class

Condensing efficiency values reach at 108,7% with to premix heat exchanger. (Under 50 °C - 30 °C operating conditions according to EN 483 - EN 677 Standards)

Operation with Modulation in Cascade Configurations

DemirDöküm Maxicondense wall hung type devices are compounded with cascade system and becomes directly compatible. Each unit operates at changeable thermal load in cascade system. After the first unit reaches a specific amount of efficiency, the next module operates in cascade system. Electronic system designed for this aim controls all devices in the system and can perform either operation in order or operation in equal load by distributing required capacity to all devices.

Modulation option up to 16 kW

Modulation up to 16kW can be provided by using 30% of device capacity in cases need is less with HK50M device with 50 kW capacity, HK100M and HK100S devices with 2x50 kW capacity.

Cascade Option up to 3 MW

By the connection of 400 kW sets comprised by the combination of master and slave devices, capacity option up to 3 MW is provided.

Low Emission Values

Instant heat change is provided by the combination of the perfect mixture of gas and air with special combustion chamber design thanks to specially designed premix heat exchanger. Such type of clean combustion and minimum CO level (not higher than 100 ppm) can be provided by the combination of controlled burner with pre-mix and micro flame.

Low Electric Consumption

DemirDöküm Maxicondense wall hung type condensing devicesprovide low energy consumption with A class energy components.



 HK 50 MHK 100 MHK 100 S
General Properties
Condensing operationYesYesYes
Control panel coupled with the deviceYesYesNo
Low temperature heatingYesYesYes
Cascade operation featureYesYesYes
Emergency operation featureYesYesYes
Operation with ModulationYesYesYes
Minimum modulation levelkW151515
Exterior air sensorYesYesNo
Return water sensorYesYesYes
Premix heat exchangerYesYesYes
Number of heat exchangers122
Operation in orderYesYesYes
Thermal power (50ºC / 30 ºC)kW48,596,896,8
Thermal power (50ºC / 30 ºC)Mcal/h41,7183,2583,25
Thermal power (80ºC / 60 ºC)kW44,288,388,3
Thermal load (Min. - Max.)kW16,3 - 5016,3 - 10016,3 - 100
Efficiency Class4 yıldız4 stars4 stars
Efficiency value (%30 load-50ºC / 30 ºC)%108,7108,7108,7
Efficiency (80ºC / 60 ºC)%98,298,298,2
Efficiency (50ºC / 30 ºC)%107,7107,7107,7
Boiler Dimensions
Waste Gas Information
Waste gas temperature°CMax. 85Max. 85Max. 85
Chimney loss (Device is active)%1,31,31,3
Chimney loss (Device is not active)%0,10,10,1
Circuit heat loss%0,50,50,5
CO2 (Min. - Max.)%8,4 - 9,48,4 - 9,48,4 - 9,4
CO (Min. - Max.)p.p.m.< 10 - 120< 10 - 120< 10 - 120
NOx (Min. - Max.)p.p.m.< 10 - 20< 10 - 20< 10 - 20
NOx class555
Installation Information
Max. Operating pressurebar666
Boiler Output Water Temperature (Max)°C909090
Installation temperature adjustment range°C20 - 80 (± 3)20 - 80 (± 3)20 - 80 (± 3)
Heat exchanger water capacitylt51010
Condensation amountkg/h7,214,414,4
Electrical Properties
Electric feedV ~ Hz230 ~ 50230 ~ 50230 ~ 50
Maximum electric consumptionW169333333
Electrical protection classIPX0DX0DX0D



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