DemirDöküm Gas Water Heater with Chimney

C 275 S , SE and SEI

Water Heaters

Superior Features

Aesthetical Design with Minimum Dimensions

Occupies less space at the area of use.

Water Temperature Adjustment between 4-11lt/min Water Flow Rates

Comfort usage is provided under any condition is provided with adjustable temperatures.

Three Separate Ignition Systems

1- Piezo Lighter (S)

Detection of water need by sensor and manual ignition with the help of battery

2-Battery, electronic ignition (SE)

Automatic ignition with ignition electrode in hot water need

3-Without pilot. Electronic ignition (SEI)

Ignition with manual lighter in basic models

Chimney Sensor: Cuts gas when chimney is not absorbing

Shuts down all system below specified chimney gas flow rates and prevents potential toxication.

Water Controlled Valve: Prevents operation without water

Operation of gas water heater is prevented by the system when water is not opened and operation without water is prevented.

Magnet Bobbin: Cuts gas when pilot light extinguishes

Gas flow route is completely cut when pilot light extinguishes and gas blow into the environment without light is prevented.

Excessive Safety Thermostat

Cuts gas in case of excessive increase of water temperature. This is the safety thermostat used to prevent being scalded due to high temperatures.

ODS (Oxygen Sensitive System)

Cuts gas when the level of oxygen in the environment where gas water heater is located. Oxygen run out is prevented by oxygen sensitivity and the risk of asphyxia is removed.



C 275 SC 275 SEC 275 SEI
General Properties
Fuel TypeLPG – Natural GasLPG – Natural GasLPG – Natural Gas
Ignition SystemPiezo LighterBatteryFull Automatic
Nominal Thermal PowerkW (kcal/dk)19,2 (275)19,2 (275)19,2 (275)
Nominal Thermal LoadkW (kcal/dk)22,7 (325)22,7 (325)22,7 (325)
Dimensions (Packed)
Dimensions (Unpacked)
Specific Features
Maximum Water Pressurebar (kPa)10 (100)10 (100)10 (100)
Water Flow Rate Rangelt/dk4.0 - 11.04.0 - 11.04.0 - 11.0



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