DemirDöküm Burners

Single Storage Burners

Central Systems

Superior Features

Maximum Fuel Saving

Burner models with single grade, double grade, and proportional modulation mix air and fuel in optimum proportions and provide fuel saving.

Low Sound Level

Thanks to their special design, DemirDöküm burners operate at a very low sound level without requiring burner silencers.

Easy Maintenance

All components on burners provide reach to combustion head without disassembling the burner thanks to the sliding mechanism during service.



General Properties
Double grade operationNoNoNoNo
Operation with ModulationNoNoNoNo
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas
Capacity 1st gradekW35 - 9165 - 189110 - 246180 - 330
Capacity 1st gradeMcal/h30,1 - 78,255,9 - 162,594,6 - 211,6137,6 - 283,8
Electrical Properties
Electric sourceV230 V ± %10230 V ± %10230 V ± %10230 V ± %10
Electric sourceHz50-single phase50- single phase50- single phase50- single phase
Electric motorrpm2.7502.7502.7502750
Electric motorW289289289289
Electric motorA0,640,671,42
Motor kondansatörüµF/V 46,38
Ignition transformatorV1 -V2230-1 x 8 kW230-1 x 8 kW230-1 x 8 kW230-1 x 8 kW
Ignition transformatorI1 -I21 A - 20 mA1 A - 20 mA1 A - 20 mA1 A - 20 mA
Electric power consumptionW maks150180350530