Disclosure Policy



Türk DemirDöküm Fabrikaları A.Ş. has adopted a disclosure policy to inform the shareholders and stakeholders of all significant company activities in a fair, transparent and adequate manner.

The disclosure policy aims to equally share past performances, expectations, strategies and other company targets, in each case to the extent not being of confidential nature, and the company's vision with all current and potential investors and shareholders, in their role as investors and shareholders, and to announce all significant financial information related to the company in a timely and detailed manner, according to generally accepted accounting principles and the provisions of the applicable law.

B-Authorization and Responsibility

The Board of Directors shapes the disclosure policy with its recommendations and monitors its implementation. Developing public disclosure activities is the responsibility of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors at Türk DemirDöküm Fabrikaları A.Ş. The Corporate Communications Department is assigned to coordinate the disclosure functions under the control of Finance Department. These departments execute their responsibilities in close cooperation with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

C-Methods and Instruments

Türk DemirDöküm Fabrikaları A.Ş. follows these methods and instruments for public disclosures and information policies according to Capital Markets legislation and ISE and TCC provisions:

Material Event Disclosures: Disclosure of Material Events that are sent to the ISE.

Public Disclosure of Financial Statements: Financial tables (and footnotes) and independent auditor's report are sent to the ISE periodically.

Annual Report

The company's corporate web site ((

D- Ad hoc press releases are published throughout the year according to events; periodic press releases are published through broadcast and print media channels.

Within the context of CMB Regulation, ISE regulations and applicable law, Türk DemirDöküm Fabrikaları A.Ş. Corporate Communications Directorate provides detailed information to the public on important events throughout the year by providing press releases to broadcast and print media.

E-Maintaining Confidentiality of Information

The company places great emphasis on the confidentiality and non-use of insider information in the interest of all of its shareholders as well as in order to maintain a balance between transparency and protection of the company's interests. Precautionary measures are taken to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or the use of insider information.

All employees are required to protect confidential company information during and after their employment with the company. Moreover, they may not use company information either directly or indirectly other than to the benefit of the company.