Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for DemirDöküm gas water heaters?

Warranty period for all DemirDöküm brand gas water heaters is 3 years as of the first operation of DemirDöküm Authorized Service.

What are the properties of the gas water heater?

Gas water heaters are devices that instantly and continuously produce hot water and operated with either natural gas or LPG.

Which gas water heaters have a digital display?

There is a digital display (LCD) on the control panel of DemirDöküm hermetic gas water heaters with fan and output water temperature can be monitored on LCD screen.

Can I have chimney type gas water heater assembled in the bathroom, what are the disadvantages?

DemirDöküm brand chimney type gas water heaters are prohibited to be assembled in the bathroom. The most important reason of this is the fact that most of the current chimneys in residences are not in conformity with the standards. As DemirDöküm, we suggest the use of hermetic gas water heaters in these spaces. DemirDöküm hermetic gas water heater, in gas water heaters category, is a suitable product for assembly in bathroom with its independent burning room from outside environment and special waste gas chimney system.

Is there any danger regarding the use of hermetic gas water heaters?

Since hermetic gas water heaters do not use the oxygen in the environment they are located, they are safer in comparison to normal gas water heaters. If there is no gas leakage in the gas connections to the gas water heater, and there is no problem regarding the connection of the output pipe to gas water heater, no danger is in question.

Should we use hermetic or chimney type gas water heater?

Hermetic gas water heaters are safer and provide more advantage since they are directly connected to external air with their own chimney and use external air for burning.

Is there a delay regarding receiving hot water in hermetic gas water heaters?

Operation system of hermetic gas water heaters is different than that of chimney type gas water heaters. When water is running, it operates for a certain period of time in order to control whether its components operate or not. Due to this preliminary control, hot water is received with a delay of 10-15 seconds. Of you do not want to experience such delay, you can obtain hot water by assembling a 15 liter electrical storage water heater under kitchen sink or washbasin. When you adjust the thermostat of the electrical storage water heater to a few degrees below that of gas water heater, electrical storage water heater will be deactivated after the hot water received from gas water heater fills electrical storage water heater. Thus, you will not have consumed electricity.

Do hermetic gas water heaters only operate with natural gas?

Hermetic gas water heaters operate with both bottled gas (lpg) and natural gas. When you inform your authorized service about the type of use you would like to have, you can use your gas water heater in the way you desire after change of a small apparatus (nozzle).

Can hermetic gas water heater be connected to the building chimney or ventilation system?

It is extremely dangerous to connect hermetic gas water heaters to normal building chimneys or ventilation systems. Original chimneys of hermetic gas water heaters must certainly be taken out to outside environment.

Why does the temperature of the water received from the gas water heater change especially during shower?

The reason of the constant change in the temperature of the water received from gas water heater is the change in water pressure. When the pressure of the water arriving at gas water heater changes, the amount of water passing through gas water heater also changes as well as water temperature. You can use DemirDöküm hermetic gas water heater or stabilize water pressure by assembling a water regulator to gas water heater entrance.

What is the reason of encountering problem in water temperature when battery is turned on both in the kitchen and bathroom?

If the capacity of your gas water heater is insufficient, desired water temperature cannot be obtained when the batteries are turned on both in the kitchen and bathroom. However, our customers using 11 liter capacity Demirdöküm do not encounter such problem.

Can I use hermetic gas water heater instead of chimney type gas water heater operated with natural gas?

If there is a wall opening to outside in the environment where chimney type gas water heater is used, hermetic gas water heater can be assembled. Besides, when you change your current gas water heater, you should CERTAINLY inform Natural Gas Institution.

Can hermetic gas water heater be used when the electricity is cut off?

Demirdöküm hermetic gas water heaters protect themselves in case of electricity cut offs. When electricity is back on, gas water heater would not automatically operate. User must press ON/OFF button of gas water heater.

Can the user himself/herself or any plumber assemble hermetic gas water heaters?

If hermetic gas water heater will be operated with natural gas, assembly must certainly be performed by companies authorized by the Natural Gas Institution. On the other hand, regarding bottled gas use, you would better have your gas water heater assembled by an authorized person for your safety.

What is the average amount of water used during shower?

30-40 liters of water is used during shower.

Hot water is running in the kitchen, however it fails to run in the bathroom. Why?

If hot water is running in the kitchen but not in the bathroom, there may be a problem in the hot water pipes connected to your bathroom or in your bathroom batteries. Please call your plumber.

What is Heat Exchanger quality difference in gas water heaters?

Copper pipes used in heat exchangers of gas water heaters shall include max. 25 ppm oxygen. Use of copper pipes including a greater amount of oxygen would cause the puncture of the copper pipes in a short period of time. For this reason, tin coating can be applied on copper pipe. But this coating would not be long-lasting. Copper pipes including oxygen are used for being cheaper. In Demirdöküm gas water heaters, copper pipes not including oxygen are used.

How many types of electrical storage water heater do you have?

DemirDöküm brand electrical storage water heaters are provided in 3 types, as 50, 65, and 80 liters according to their hot water capacity. Besides, there are also prism shaped varieties according to their external form. Prism model has standard, led, and digital types according to the function of use.